Equestrian triathlon, the combined driving competition includes dressage, marathon and obstacle driving phases, each one with a different objective:

  • Dressage: presentation and dressage event, which enables judges to evaluate the quality and general condition of horses and vehicles, as well as the composure of the horse, impulsion and consistency of the horses’ gait.
  • Marathon: An outdoor course, called ‘marathon’, designed to evaluate the horses’ endurance and the drivers’ skills.
  • Obstacle driving/Cones: This manoeuvrability test assesses the obedience and suppleness of the horses as well as the drivers’ ability.

In addition, the presentation and neatness of the vehicles and horses are important aspects the judges take into consideration.

The combined driving competition requires serious psychological preparation of the horse, which needs to be calm, attentive and confident in the driver. All breeds are fit for this discipline; however, certain mental and physical aptitudes are key when selecting a horse.